“WaitWait” free queue APP

It provides queue service in food and beverage service, entertainment, medical treatment and other fields. The user will be free to go anywhere after obtaining the queue number on site. The APP will send push notification once the queue number is approaching.









Business APP, Call up the number

Automatically get the numbers in order or manually input the number to call up. After calling up, the next numbers will be shown in turn.

Client APP is able to receive the call up push notification.

Establish the queue number and the notification will be pushed to client mobile APP


Simple interface

Easy and simple to add and edit queue system content without any programming.

Get numbers, get off line up

Perfect solution to reduce the customer’s complaints caused by on-site queuing

Data Synchro

Synchronize online/onsite data, get real time progress via mobile app.

Real-time notification

Send push notification to client APP while the appointed number is approaching.

Business information

The business user is able to edit shop introduction and related web link directly

Discount push notification

The business user is able to send discount push notification to users who collected or queued in your shop.

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